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Equine Heart Healers Ranch

Here at Equine Heart Healers Ranch our mission is to help people understand the importance of feeling connected with the horse and how to efficiently ride horses with ease. There are so many ways to connect with our horses, beside ridding. Every precious moment spent with these regal animals is amazing and priceless. And, everything counts: grooming, walking with the horses, moving their feet, scratching that itchy spot that the horses can’t reach, talking and listening to them, and so many other things. But the most important one – be a good leader – that the horses will trust.

Being around horses can help everyone, and no one requesting help will be turned away. Here at Equine Heart Healers Ranch, all will be welcomed to enjoy the healing benefits of these beautiful and majestic animals and to enjoy and breathe of fresh air and tranquility on our beautiful ranch.

The best lesson we learned while serving – we could count on our comrades – and they can still count on us. Our Goal is to provide equine activities to Active Duty Soldiers, Veterans, civilians and children with PTSD or other life alternating difficulties.

For many veterans, there is life “before and after Military Service”. Unfortunately for many, there is life with PTSD that comes “after”. As former service members, we have found that horses and equine activities helped us. If you think it may help you in any way, we are more than happy to to share our best friends – our horses – with you at no charge and no matter your disability.